Hello and welcome to Rags Not Riches!

This website has been created to inform you all that fashion can be affordable. All it takes is faith and trust (and a little bit of pixie dust). Oh and imagination too. The site will explore the many benefits to vintage shopping – delving into charity shops, experimenting with second handedness and adapting “last year’s” rags into beautiful on-trend pieces.

We also have a ‘Fancy Pants’ section which will help you create some marvelous  easy, cheap costumes. The ‘Julia’s Jewels’ section will show you how statement pieces can be worn day, night and outrageously – using my wardrobe as a guide. There is also an ‘Ask Me’ section which is pretty much self-explanatory – if you want a costume idea, useful shopping tip or if you have a cracking piece of clothing but are unsure how to wear it – ask away!

I would also like to apologize in advance for any awkward cheesiness that will appear on the site. Normal formalities are difficult for me to understand so I tend to avoid them. So expect some seriously cringey photographs and videos, constant reference to Disney movies (see above for the first Peter Pan quote) and an inability to take anything seriously.

This website has been created as part of a university assessment, so hopefully my marker will appreciate my humor – eek, and if not I will still have had fun working on ‘Rags Not Riches’ – so not a total waste of my energy. In saying that I hope to maintain the site even after the assessment. Vintage fashion is a strong interest of mine and maybe this new way of shopping will stop me spending money I don’t have.  Shopaholics Anonymous (maybe that is what I should have named the site…)

Anyway I will leave you with a video.

To begin with I wanted to do an ‘About’ video instead of plain text, but then when I uploaded my cheesetastic video I could not (for the life of me) work out how to rotate the angle. So it looked really, really stupid and I was worried it would give someone a crick in the neck.

In saying that here is the video. But I do warn you, watch at your own risk! If over-enthusiasm makes you sick, or if you are prone to pulling muscles, look away now.




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